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Midblock Loft

After successfully designing Midblocks’ common areas, Beztak and Krowngold Development tasked Raymond Nicolas to design and enhance a few of the building's model units for future and prospective residents.

LOCATION Miami, Florida
TYPE Model Unit


The luxury, converted condominium designed by world-renowned architect John R. Nichols, offers modern midwestern style architecture amidst city living.

To compliment the floor-to-ceiling windows and bring the metropolitan, Miami views inside, a natural blue-toned color palette was selected. Plush white Belgian linen seating arrangements offer a comfortable yet sophisticated aesthetic.

The defined dining area situated off the large open kitchen provides residents with an ideal floor plan for entertaining. The existing subdued floors provide a softened element to juxtapose the rough, industrial nature of the exposed concrete ceilings and columns.

The cement tones are further seen in the rest of the home through thoughtfully curated accessories. Rich reclaimed wood side tables are perfectly paired with white-washed accessories, further emphasizing the industrially eclectic juxtaposition of the design aesthetic.

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