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Deeply rooted in Miami culture, Raymond Nicolas is a creative multi-faceted design house specializing in the diverse and intrinsic world of architecture and interior design.


Raymond Nicolas is continuing its expansion of its design sphere through the launch of its menswear line, a cultivated nod to Miami’s swagger, in 2023.

A Thought-provoking, Internationally Influenced Design House.

We are a multi-faceted design house composed of a small family of designers, architects and creatives brought together by our interdisciplinary interests in the utilitarian nature of architecture, spacial artistry of interior design and self-expression of fashion.

Fueled by the need to inspire our community through a distinctive design approach equally inspired by our heritage and aspirations of global unity, we are committed to evolving our craft and emboldening society to understand how the triangulation of our specialties work together: architecture, interior design and fashion.

We only curate a select number of projects per year, and prefer it that way, to guarantee every design detail our projects demand are, both, handled with the utmost care and actualized to perfection. Specializing in the seamless cohesion of interior design and architecture, we pride ourselves in crafting bold, refined and eclectic environments suit to embody a timeless aesthetic whilst, simultaneously, expanding our creative footprint in fashion design.


Raymond Jimenez, the creative mind and talent behind RAYMOND NICOLAS, is a respected interior designer and creatively leading voice based out of Miami, Florida. His passion for diversified design was present from a young age, leading him to pursue and complete a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 2010. Within a year of graduating from Miami International University of Art & Design (MIU), Jimenez founded and became co-owner of an interdisciplinary recognized interior design and architecture studio, RS3; where he explored, mastered, and nurtured his passion for high-end private residential and commercial design. Jimenez now looks to act as a creative agent of change, using his platforms and notoriety to amplify the creative minority voice and beckon for racial equality.

Luigi Seta Luigi Seta
Lead Architect

Having worked with Raymond Jimenez for over five years, he serves to provide architectural services, supervisory control of projects of the firm, and day-to-day operation of multiple design tasks including planning, sustainable architectural design, and construction administration. As a licensed architect in Florida and New Jersey, as well as an accredited LEED professional, his expertise ranges across various scales and levels of complexity including commercial, residential, governmental, aviation, historic preservation, and environmental projects. Luigi was drawn to Raymond Nicolas for its focus on innovative and responsible means to create high quality, durable, safe, and healthy environments. Through his work at Raymond Nicolas, he is leading the team to contribute to the movement of designing inclusive, welcoming, and accessible spaces where all people can share common ground.

Julia Isabel Julia Isabel
Junior Architect

Hailing from Venezuela, Julia Isabel brings a wide breadth of experience in both commercial and residential architectural drafting, digitalization, design, and development after honing her craft with leading firms in the city of Maracaibo. Her unique design methodology involves visualizing architecture from a point of view that goes beyond the constructive and functional. As a Junior Architect at RAYMOND NICOLAS, she looks forward to entering Miami’s local design community while further immersing herself in the world of interior design, demonstrated her proficiency in experiential design, as well as an acute attention to detail. Julia Isabel is involved in the team’s architectural and design staff, consulting for ongoing projects and creating design proposals. Proficient in AutoCAD 2D and numerous other design programs, she is also a talented graphic designer who can create complete graphic representations of spaces for architectural proposals.

Berna Ozbek Berna Ozbek
Junior Interior Designer

With an expertise in design conceptualization, presentation customization, rendering, interior selections and photoshop visualization, Ozbek, originally from Turkey, joins the Raymond Nicolas team as Junior Interior Designer. Her sensible and experienced approach to luxury, high-end residential interiors and exteriors highlight her:  passion for challenge, embracing nature for cultural diversity, and natural-born talent for interior design and a collaborative work ethic.  Ozbek's addition to the Raymond Nicolas team is one step closer to fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a global designer as part of an amazing team.

David Carela David Carela
Design Assistant

Since 2021, David Carela has served as a Design Assistant at RAYMOND NICOLAS. At a very young age, David moved from the Dominican Republic to the Bronx, New York. Speaking no English and feeling like an outsider in such a densely urban setting, he chose to fill his free time with after-school programs where he grew his love for the arts. After entering college for business administration, he realized that he wanted to pursue a career in construction and remodeling. By the age of 20, David moved to South Florida to take on small remodeling and renovations projects where he fell in love with the design aspects of the built environment. Having followed Raymond Jimenez’s career, David sought to shadow a well-known designer to learn the ins-and-outs of the Interior Design industry. At RAYMOND NICOLAS, he handles the logistics and purchasing of furniture, custom millwork, and construction. Through the trust and opportunities given at RAYMOND NICOLAS, he can express his creativity while helping to create clients’ dream spaces.

Antonio Rodriguez Antonio Rodriguez
Junior Interior Designer

Antonio began his creative journey with Raymond Nicolas after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from The Miami International University of Art & Design. After living in several different countries and experiencing a wide range of cultures and beliefs, Antonio developed a unique, well-rounded, creative, and cultural point of view that shines through in his work and thought process. As the Junior Designer at Raymond Nicolas, Antonio helps develop projects that are still in their conceptual design stages while also curating furniture, lighting and finishes of residential and commercial projects alike. He is also proficient in CAD (Computer Aided Design) as well as 3D modeling and sketching, allowing him to ideate projects from their early stages, setting a strong foundation for their development. Antonio has worked to become a multifaceted designer, helping embody the multidisciplinary essence of Raymond Nicolas.