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Located in the prestigious waterfront condo complex Artech Residences at Aventura, Raymond Nicolas transformed this 1,400-square-foot loft-style residence into a two-bedroom unit.

LOCATION Miami, Florida
TYPE Private Residence


By closing off the formal dining area, the design team made a functional residence for the client, a family of four. With the addition of frosted glass partitions, the reimagined space still maintains unique depth and perception. A new custom-designed table made of glass, chrome, and white lacquered wood perfectly allows the whole family to enjoy a meal together amidst sleek, modern decor.

Raymond Nicolas added an additional layer of visual intrigue through the installation of a wavy, metallic wallpaper that catches the eye alongside the entire east wall leading from the foyer, through the staircase, and into the living room. Custom ceiling and lighting designs round out the modern design scheme, complementing the overall white, black, and silver color palette.


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